Troubleshooting / Q&A

If you’re looking for troubleshooting help or have general questions, you’ve come to the right place! This page is a work in progress as I hear from people what questions they want answered and what problems they encounter. To start things off, here are a bunch of the resources I’ve found to help with my common problems.

General Information & Suggestions

New technology means new terminology. Where do you start? Well, 3D Printing has one place that can tell you what’s what.

You’re probably not keeping your printer under the leak in the ceiling, but humidity can still be a problem for filaments. Learn how to store them properly from 3DPrintingGeeks
(P.S. I myself had problems with a PLA filament deteriorating due to humidity levels. I used vacuum sealed bags with this print  to keep my school’s filaments under control as per 3DPrintingGeek’s suggestion)

Troubleshooting Prints

This article from All3DP summarizes the 22 most common problems with 3D printers like stringing and misalignment. Check it out before you panic, and you might find an easy fix:

Here’s a post from IRA3D that gets a little more in depth about what is causing your problem so that you can know how to fix it:

If you’re a visual thinker, Simplify 3D has the guide for you! This page has image thumbnails of various problems so you can click on the one you’re experiencing and find the solution. 

Overhangs are some of the hardest things to print. Drooping chins and hanging balconies just don’t sit well on your printer. Ultimaker has a guide to help if you want more architectural integrity.
(P.S.  I will eventually go over some possible solutions to overhangs including printing with different support materials. Give me time, okay? 🙂 )

Vertical or horizontal? Angles or curves? This guide from Matter Hackers can help you understand the basic limitations of 3D printers so that your projects can come out as nicely as possible.


Please feel free to email me if you would like any help or  have questions.