Print scale models to measure!

From basic numerals to advanced geometry, there are lots of ways to us 3D printing to get new concepts across to your math students. Here’s a selection of ideas to help get you started!


1. Print 2D and 3D geometric models and shapes, or other geometric applications. You can also create magnetic numerals and algebraic figures to help students understand the structure of an equation.

2. Have students measure objects and write down new, scaled measurements of a different size. Provide a 3D print of the new scale and see how accurate they were. This is a great group activity that can get everyone involved.

3. If you want to explore angles, you can use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the measurement and angles for a new handicap ramp. This is a fun way to demonstrate the practical applications of your lessons.      

4. To help explain fractions and percentages, print out groups of blocks that can be formed to show 10%, 50%, etc.