Social Studies



Use 3D printing to make your classroom a museum!

Social studies classes can be much more fun and interactive with a 3D printer to help your lesson plans! Try these ideas for lessons or add them to your current plans to watch your classes come to life!


1. Print out topographic maps depicting demographics/population to help students better visualize the data. This is also a good way to depict differences in economies and cultures and how geographical differences separate people.

2. Create map puzzles to help students remember states or countries by piecing them together. This is easy, fast, and fun!

3. Print museum replicas to enrich history lessons (Neanderthal skulls and tools, Egyptian masks and sarcophagi, pottery, statues, etc.) Some museums like the New York Metropolitan Museum and the British Museum are now offering 3D printing scans of their artifacts for schools to use.

4. Have students research and write a paper about a historical building or monument. After writing the paper and citing sources correctly, print out replicas of the buildings and display them for scale and features. This is also a great group project!

5. Create busts of famous historical figures to help students remember who is who when there are a lot of names to learn. If you’re having trouble finding enough busts, tweak some old ones to change face shape, etc., or print them in different colors.

6. Have students research and write about historical artifacts (e.g., spy gear during the revolutionary war) and then design a replica of their artifact to be printed.

7. 3D print some bones and then bury them in sand, dirt or clay to simulate the work archaeologists do. This is a fun project for all ages!