Why 3D Printing?


So why get a 3D printer, or use it if you already have one? Would it fit in with your teaching style or subject? Would it make any difference? Here I offer exciting innovations and testimonials from teachers who have used them in their classrooms.

Awesome Innovation

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If you want to know more about 3D printing itself–how it works and how to best take advantage of this kind of technology check out Sculpteo’s overview of 3D printing.


  • ALA has put together its Introduction to 3D Printing which includes some tips on policy.
  • Edudemic has its own list of reasons why classrooms should get started with the technology.
  • MatterHackers discuss going beyond just STEM including replication of anthropology materials.
  • EDTechMagazine has their own 2¢.
  • For those who want to sit back and watch, Pathfinder Learning has an intro video to view.


Ask any teacher who’s worked with a 3D printer, and you’ll hear stories of how engaged students were and how lessons came to life. Here are some stories you can find online.

Tweenteacher recounts how much 3D printing helped a language arts class. Weareteachers has a list of the many different ways a 3D printer helped lessons, and techrepublic has an article recounting how this new technology is quickly changing classroom setup. 3dprintingindustry has an article discussing the more practical uses of 3D printing, including artificial limbs.

There are many ways 3D printing could help your school. If you want to learn how to secure one and get funding, check out the Getting Started page here.


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